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The following 31 databases have been selected as good resources for your Business research.

Most databases can be accessed from on- and off-campus, using your WPUNJ username and password, unless noted otherwise.

To see more databases, either select a new subject or use the alphabetical list to jump to a specific database from our complete list.


A comprehensive full-text source on business topics, ABI/INFORM features scholarly research from peer-reviewed journals (including over 3,000 full-text publications), trade and industry news, 25,000 Dissertations, 14,000 SSRN working papers, key newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times, as well as country-and industry-focused reports and data. Specialized subsidiary databases include accounting and tax news, banking and financial services news and research, proprietary information about more than 40,000 public and non-public companies and 225,000 key executives from Hoover's, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industry news, international market and industry research reports, and analytical articles covering world and regional economic and political developments of major significance. [August 1971 - Present]

Large, interdisciplinary full-text database contains over 8,500 full-text publications, including academic journals, magazines, books, and trade publications. Offers broad subject coverage for a variety of disciplines, including anthropology, area studies, biology, chemistry, ethnic and multicultural studies, food science and technology, general science, geography, law, mathematics, music, pharmaceutical sciences, physics, psychology, religion and theology, women's studies, and many other fields. Partially funded by the the New Jersey State Library.

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Full text for nearly 8,350 scholarly business journals and other sources, including full text for more than 1,100 scholarly business publications. Coverage includes virtually all subject areas related to business.

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From the opening screen, select the Directory you wish to access. Directories of journals in the fields of business (accounting, economics and finance, management, and marketing), education (curriculum, methods, psychology, administration, technology and library science), and psychology and psychiatry designed to aid scholars and researchers in the publication of manuscripts. For each journal, the directories provide current contact information (address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, web site URL) as well as information on publication guidelines, review information and circulation data.


The Catalog of U.S. Government Publications is the finding tool for electronic and print publications from the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the U.S. government. The Catalog contains over 500,000 descriptive records for historical and current publications and provides direct links to those that are available online. [July 1976 - present]


From opening screen, choose "Enter" button to access the database. Federal and state tax reporters, journals, manuals, guides, Internal Revenue Service publications, rulings, and more.

The Chronicle of Higher Education is a major news publication covering the college and university sector. The online edition of the Chronicle is published every weekday and features news, advice, and jobs for people in academe. The Chronicle's Web site features the complete contents of the latest print format issue; daily news and advice columns; thousands of current job listings; an archive of previously published content; discussion forums; and career-building tools. Free personal accounts are available to members of the WPUNJ community in addition to the campus-wide subscription access. [1989 - Present]


Full-text research reports and presentations on topical business issues. Includes surveys and case studies of major companies and trends in the areas of strategy, corporate governance, organizational effectiveness, structure, leadership, human resources, ethics, customer relationship management, work force issues, and much more. The database also features working papers in economic research, current news on economic indicators and the monthly publication Straight Talk. [1998 - present]

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Large database of full-text electronic books ("e-books"), including over 4,100 titles covering a wide variety of subjects and available for online reading.

Full-text access to over 140,000 electronic books from a wide variety of academic publishers, covering every subject.

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Archive of over 1,900 major journals in the humanities, social sciences, business, education, area studies, mathematics and statistics, and much more. Funding for the acquisition of the JSTOR Arts and Sciences V, VI, VIII, and IX Collections was provided by a generous gift from the Student Government Association. [18th Century - Present]

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Full-text database contains current and archives files for U.S. and foreign newspapers, broadcast media transcripts, congressional news releases, transcripts of congressional hearings, presidential and departmental press briefings, legal news, federal and state statutes and case law, federal regulations, polling data from the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, and biographical sources.

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The National Bureau of Economic Research is the nation's leading nonprofit economic research organization. Founded in 1920, the NBER is a private, nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of how the economy works. The Working Papers collection makes available online several thousand papers produced by NBER researchers from 1973 to the present. The full text of the papers is available in PDF format. [1973 - Present]


Full text access to articles from the New York Times. [1851 - 1922]


Full text access to articles from the New York Times. [1980 - present]

NJVID provides access to hundreds of educational streaming video titles that can be viewed online, by members of the William Paterson University community (faculty, staff and students). Videos are available from multiple vendors, and include the entire Intelecom collection of video clips from a variety of disciplines (Sociology, Psychology, Health, etc.). Use your WPUNJ username and password to access these videos.

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ProQuest Central is a large multidisciplinary database indexing over 14,000 publications, the majority of them available in full text. Over 160 subjects areas are covered extensively in this product including business and economics, health and medical, news and world affairs, technology, social sciences, and more. The publications include over 6,500 scholarly journals, over 3,600 trade publications, over 2,000 magazines and newspapers, and over 800 industry reports, plus dissertations and theses, company annual reports, and videos.

Indexing for over 500 periodical titles, including over 250 trade publications, over 180 scholarly journals, and over 50 magazines. Citations and abstracts are available back to 1971 for several titles, and full-text access is available for over 400 titles, with current full-text content provided for over 200 of these. Topics covered in the database include artificial intelligence, games, graphics, networks, programming, security, systems, management, data processing, hardware, information science and information theory, and software. [1971 - Present]

ProQuest Digital Microfilm offers high-quality, cover-to-cover page images from Barron's, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, including all graphics, advertisements and other features from the print editions. Although the database does not support searching of any kind, it can be used in conjunction with other databases that index Barron's, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal so you can obtain the citation information needed to view a specific page image. Our subscription to ProQuest Digital Microfilm currently provides the backfiles of Barron's, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal to January 2008. [2008 - 3 Months Ago]


This full-text database includes nearly 3 million dissertation and theses citations from around the world from 1861 to the present day together with over 1 million full-text dissertations that are available for download in PDF format. [1861 - Present]


Full-text access to newspapers and other news media from the United States, Canada, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Important titles include the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, The Times (London), The Bangkok Post, El Norte, Financial Times, The Guardian, Jerusalem Post, South China Morning Post, The Daily Telegraph, Asian Wall Street Journal, and the BBC Monitoring series of publications, plus many other major news publications.

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Access to citations from over 3 million articles from approximately 375 leading magazines spanning the period from 1890 to 1982. Includes articles from the most widely read popular periodicals of the day, journals of news and opinion, and a selection of research publications. [1890 - 1982]

Detailed, current directory information on more than 12 million U.S. businesses, 102 million U.S. residents, 683,000 U.S. health care providers, 1 million Canadian businesses, and 11 million Canadian residents. Funded by the the New Jersey State Library.


Comprehensive full text for regional business publications (including titles from Crain Communications). [1984 - present]

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Scopus is a comprehensive database providing access to the research literature of the natural and physical sciences and the social sciences. The database currently provides over 50 million citation records and indexes over 20,000 peer-reviewed journals, over 390 trade publications, and over 370 book series. Also included are citations for over 5.5 million conference papers from proceedings and journals, over 25 million patent records from five patent offices, and articles in press from over 3,800 journals. [1823 - Present]

This full-text database offers a wide variety of information on small business and entrepreneurial subject areas, common business types, a help and advice section, and provides information on how to create business plans that lead to successful funding. Resources include: over 450 industry reports by MarketLine and Barnes Reports; over 450 reference books and practical guides to business topics by such publishers as Atlantic Publishing, Nolo, the American Management Association, and Marshall Cavendish, among others; over 230 trade publications; over 150 magazines; plus videos, market research reports, case studies, and other publications.


Over 1,900 full-text scholarly journals in a variety of disciplines including behavioral sciences, biomedical and life sciences, business and economics, chemistry and materials science, computer science, earth and environmental science, engineering, humanities, social sciences and law, mathematics, medicine, physics and astronomy.

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The product of a collaboration between the Cheng Library and the University's Graduate programs, a collection of over 230 digitized master's theses is now available online through the ProQuest search interface. The majority of titles in the collection are from recent Communication Disorders and Music program graduates, but in 2010 the program is expanding to include other programs and the collection will grow as new theses are submitted for digitization. Please contact Jane Bambrick [] if you have any questions about digital theses at WPUNJ. [2008 - Present]

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Westlaw Campus Research is a comprehensive database for legal research. It contains federal and state case law, U.S. Supreme Court briefs, federal and state statutes and administrative codes, a collection of legal journals and law reviews, reference materials including American Jurisprudence, American Law Reports, and Black's Law Dictionary, and European Union legal materials. The database also includes a substantial number of foreign and domestic newspapers, magazines, trade journals, newswires, newsletters, broadcast transcripts, and business information, including SEC filings and Hoover's company records.


Full-text database featuring federal and state legislative materials, case law, administrative materials, selected municipal codes and charteres, and the West KeyCite citation research service. PLEASE NOTE THAT access to this database is by password only.


WorldCat is the world's largest and most comprehensive union catalog, currently featuring over 271 million bibliographic records that represent more than 1 billion individual items held by participating institutions. WorldCat includes records for books, videos, serial publications, articles, recorded books and music, electronic books, sheet music, genealogical references, cultural artifacts, digital objects, Web sites and much more. The cataloged works span thousands of years and nearly every form of human expression, with materials in over 470 languages from 112 countries and territories.

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