Philosophy Liaison

Bill Duffy

Library 107C
(973) 720-3191

  • Philosophy Resource Guide
  • Department Coordinator: Marie Friquegnon
  • Department Chair: Stephen Thompson

  • Bill Duffy has been at WPU for over 35 years. At various times he has supervised Online Searching and Bibliographic Instruction, and he currently serves as Head of the Cheng Library's vibrant Reference Department (which he proudly asserts is the best in the state). Over the years he has been the liaison for nearly a dozen departments, and currently he works with the English, Psychology and Languages & Cultures Departments, as well as the Latin American & Latino Studies Program. He also selects Translations of foreign classics.

    His educational background includes degrees in Classics, English and Library Science, as well as extensive work in Counseling Psychology. Bill has been deeply involved with campus governance for his entire career at WPU. He has been a member of the Faculty Senate (and its predecessors) continuously for 35 years, served on the Executive Committee well over a dozen and a half times, and was elected Chair twice. He is currently serving as the Senate's Secretary.