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World History Resources


Hathi Trust Digital Library
HathiTrust is a partnership of over 60 research institutions and libraries who have digitized books and periodicals to preserve and make them accessible. Most of these primary sources were published before 1900 and represent a variety of languages.
Grades: 9 - 12

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Lesson Plans and Teaching Activities

Ancient Mesopotamia: This History, Our History
Developed by the University of Chicago in collaboration with a team of Chicago Public School teachers this website uses artifacts Oriental Institute. The Teacher Resource Center provides sample lesson plans, teaching activities and other resources.
Grades: 4 - 8
Supplementing the PBS video series, Conquistadors, this website includes a timeline and four interdisciplinary teaching units. Extensive information about the life and culture of the native population of Mexico, Peru, North America and Amazonia is provided.
Grades: 6 - 12
Dynamic & Globalizing Korea: A Primer for Teaching in US Schools
This website was developed from a Fulbright-Hays Short-Term Projects Abroad grant program awarded to William Paterson University of New Jersey. As part of this grant six teacher candidates and six current teachers visited South Korea in the summer of 2014. As the result of their travels the participants developed lesson plans related to Korea. This site is intended to grow with additional teaching resources pertaining to Korea.
Grades: 6 - 12
Food Timeline
Links to ancient recipes, descriptions of ancient foods, and explanations of the development of various popular food items are listed and linked to further information in this timeline that covers from 17,000 BC to the present.
Grades: 3 - 12
History Lab
Subtitled: An inquiry-based approach to teaching history. The History Lab provides a framework to help teachers teach history through primary sources. Search by broad topic, grade level or keyword. Search results identify primary sources and instructions for the suggested project. A primary source guide guides students through the activity.
Grades: 3 - 12
Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance
Comparing the Medici family to the Mafia, this website is based on the PBS series about the Medici family and the Renaissance. Includes information about the accomplishments of several generations of the Medici family. The art, politics, religion and science of the Renaissance is explored. Lesson plans are available, as well as an interactive time line, reading list, and links to additional resources.
Grades: 8 - 12
National Geographic Education
Covering a variety of subject areas National Geographic Education tries to inspire the spirit of adventure. Videos, games, lesson plans, unit plans and other learning activities are searchable by grade level and subject area.
Grades: K - 12
National History Day
"It's not just a day, it's an experience" is the slogan for the History Day competition for students in grades 6-12. Stressing strong research skills and the use of primary and secondary resources, the official website includes information about the contest, lesson plans, links to primary resources, as well as samples of successful History Day projects.
Grades: 6 - 12
Roman Empire in the First Century
Based on a PBS series this website explores the culture, life, politics, religion and people of first century Rome. Includes interactive features: The Emperor Game, timeline, Augustan family tree, Who are you? and a Virtual Library. Interdisciplinary lesson plans, reading list and links to additional resources are available.
Grades: 6 - 12
World History for Us All
A free model history curriculum for middle school and high school developed by San Diego State University in cooperation with the National Center for History in the Schools at UCLA. Using primary and secondary sources this curriculum continues to be updated.
Grades: 6 - 12

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College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards
The C3 Framework was the result of a collaborative effort of many social studies teaching organizations to help states and local districts to update their standards. Its objectives were to increase the rigor of social studies education, build critical thinking skills and align programs to the Common Core Standards.
Grades: K - 12
National Standards for History
Developed in 1996 by the National Center for History in the Schools at the University of California, Los Angeles under the guidance of the National Council for History Standards, the National Standards for History for grades 5-12 are divided into three strands. Standards for K-4 are also available through this website, as well as an alignment to the Common Core Standards.
Grades: K - 12

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Other Resources

Life in Elizabethan England
Nearly 90 pages of information about everyday life in Tudor England--food, occupations, games, religion, fashion, manners, attitudes and education in the time of Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare. Written by Maggie Secara for writers, actors and re-enactors.
Grades: 6 - 12
World Digital Library (WDL)
Established by the U.S. Library of Congress in collaboration with UNESCO and partner organizations around the world this free resource provides significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world. Organized by place, time, topic, type of item, and contributing institution, resources can also be found by keyword search. Navigation and descriptions of resources are available in seven different languages. A text to speech option is available, as well as many other special features.
Grades: 7 - 12

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